Birthday Space

Does Richmond Family Place do other types of room rentals?
Yes, the fees are based on a sliding scale. Contact Leann Finkelstein at leann@richmondfamilyplace.ca  for more information.

Can I use the fridge/freezer/oven
Yes, please treat it as your own for the rental period.

Can I bring outside entertainment?
Yes, outside entertainers are permitted. As a courtesy, please let the party coordinator know if you are planning to bring in an outside entertainer. We will try our best to meet any facilities the entertainer may require eg. table, power supply.

Can I bring decorations?
Parents are welcome to use the 30-minute set-up time to decorate room, just remember to take them home with you.

Is sidewalk chalk allowed in the backyard?
Yes, sidewalk chalk is just fine!

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept all methods of payment.

Is smoking allowed?
Richmond Family Place is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on Richmond Family Place premises - either indoors or outdoors.

Is Richmond Family Place wheelchair accessible?
Yes, Richmond Family Place is a handicapped accessible building.

Can alcohol be consumed by adults at the party?
Consumption of alcohol is permitted but please remember that you are responsible for the removal of any liquor bottles and cans, as well as the behaviour of your party guests.

Can I bring a Pinata to use at the party?
Yes, you would just be responsible for finding a suitable to place for hanging the pinata and ensuring the safety of your guests!

For more information or to book your party call Leann Finkelstein at 604 833 0271.

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