A variety of visitors attend Family Place programs to talk with parents about any concerns they may have about their family.  Some require appointments, but most can be approached in the playroom for an informal chat and to answer any questions you may have.More details about each visitor can be found below the calendar.

The following visitors will be visiting Family Place programs: Visitors

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Public Health Dental Hygienist will talk about children’s oral health one-on-one with parents, and provide oral screening and fluoride application for children 12 months to 5 years old.  By appointment.

Public Health Nurses are available during the play time to informally chat with you and answer questions you may have about your child’s health, growth and development. They can connect you to other community resources or refer you to other professionals that could help your child. They will also give a short information session before circle time on a health topic of current interest. 

Infant Development supports a family when there may be concerns around a baby or young child’s development (up to the age of 3 years).  If a parent has any concerns regarding their child’s development they can speak to IDP at the drop-ins.  

Behaviour Specialists help infants and young children up to age five years and their families with emotional and behavioural difficulties. In Family Place, the specialist will  talk with parents about emotional and social development in young children; or about worries a parent has about their child. They will talk with parents in a group, or individually. They will also explain how to request a referral to their programme.”

Speech-Language Pathologists from the Richmond Health Department answer questions related to your child's communication development. The Speech-Language Pathologist will be able to answer questions about how your child is learning to talk, as well as how to help your child learn more than one language. She will also be able to provide you with some suggestions if you are concerned about your child's speech or language development.

Vision Screening for children 6 months and up will be performed individually.

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