How Volunteers Help RFP


Richmond Family Place has been a part of the community for over thirty years.  It is like a tree whose roots are deep and strong but it is our volunteers who add depth and colour to its’ limbs.

Volunteers serve many roles at Richmond Family Place.  They can be found in the Thrift Store serving customers and organizing the shop, in the kitchen prepping and cooking for community meals, in the play-room connecting with the families, in the office providing administrative support, and on our Board of Directors helping to govern and guide the work we do.  Our volunteers are diverse not only in their age and cultural background but in the gifts they have to offer.  However, despite the multiplicity of their talents each volunteer is alike in their generous nature and the impact they have on our organization and the greater community.

There is a Greek proverb which states: a civilization flourishes when people plant trees under which they will never sit.  Anyone who has witnessed a genuine volunteer in action will recognize that they are often too busy planting to sit and enjoy the shade of a tree.  This has been our experience at Richmond Family Place.  Throughout the years we have been undeniably fortunate to work alongside such devoted people.  Their commitment to supporting our mission and working towards empowering and strengthening children and families has been remarkable.

Richmond Family Place has volunteers working with us for years, months, weeks, days, and sometimes for only an hour or two.  Regardless of the length of time they are with us, each person has left their unique imprint on the Family Place community and has helped us to grow and thrive.  We are especially grateful to those who have taken their experience from Richmond Family Place into the greater community and who continue to plant trees.

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